There has been a considerable measure of discuss the effect of Regulation 13, the new EU braking regulations that came into power on first November 2014. The translation by numerous was that this would prohibit the utilization of overwhelm brakes for A-Casing frameworks. We have drawn closer the Office for Transport for illumination and their official reaction peruses:

Coupling Caravan Car“Under the European sort approbation framework, and specifically under the General Wellbeing Regulation (GSR), EU Regulation 661/2009, new vehicles and trailers enlisted after 01 November 2014 will be liable to UNECE Regulation 13 on Stopping automations, rather than Order 71/320/EEC just like the case beforehand. The Order has been revoked with impact from the above date.

An edge, being neither a vehicle nor a trailer, is not subject to sort support and thusly there is no immediate effect on these gadgets originating from this lawful change.

Enactment in Extraordinary England perceives the prerequisites of both Order 71/320/EEC, and Regulation 13 and, as An edges fall outside the extent of European sort endorsement necessities, we have no arrangements to change this adaptable methodology. The prerequisites of Order 71/320/EEC or UNECE Regulation 13 are connected in the UK by the Street Vehicles (Development and Utilization) Regulations 1986.

The utilization of these gadgets is a matter for national law and nations outside the UK are not obliged to acknowledge the utilization of these gadgets in their region.”

The DfT went ahead to say that this announcement ought to be read in conjunction with their 2011 Data Sheet on An Edges and Dollies and that nothing that happened on first November has changed anything on this sheet.

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