A strong and flexible towbar.

An ordinarily utilized kind of towbar as a part of this nation is the Flangeball Towbar where the towball is blasted to the towbar.

*The real towball (The part that is darted on.) on this sort of towbar can be either dark, gold or silver contingent upon the make of towbar.

Flangeball PRO’S

This is the most adaptable outline of towbar in light of the fact that it can be utilized with towball mounted embellishments which are blasted behind the towball.

A flangeball towbar can be utilized with cycle transporters that have a mounting plate catapulted behind the towball. This implies that the ball is sans left, so you can convey bicycles and tow in the meantime.Fixed Flange Towbar

Flangeball CON’s

The fundamental drawback to a Flangeball Towbar is that the neck and towball can be massive so it doesn’t look as perfect as a Swan Neck Towbar.

It is likewise exceptionally likely that if your auto has stopping sensors they will distinguish the towbar neck and beep all the time when you are backward.

Truth be told if your auto has stopping sensors, we wouldn’t prescribe fitting this sort of towbar by any stretch of the imagination, unless you go for the more costly Separable Flangeball Towbar.

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