How Do You Measure Towball Height?

The towball height is measured as the vertical separation between the ground and the focal point of the towball. This must be measured on level and level ground – most surfaces are a long way from level! Additionally, the loaded state of the vehicle must be known. (Note; On account of “coupling stature”, this is the position of the focal point of the towball area when inside of the coupling head).towbar specialists peterborough

What height should the trailer/troop coupling head be? 

The EC Mandate expresses that this ought to be 385 to 455mm with the trailer in the “loaded” condition. ‘Loaded condition’ in this occurrence is the point at which the trailer is stacked to its most extreme indicated mass, with this equally disseminated over the stacking zone.

Should my caravan (or trailer) be level? 

Reich-Towbar-load-controllowresNot so much! Numerous think (erroneously) that it is fundamental to have the trailer frame superbly level and put everything on the line to attempt and accomplish this. Nonetheless, from the past two inquiries it can be seen that there is intrinsically a wide stature range for both the towballs and the trailer couplings. Likewise, the details are composed to advance an inclination towards a somewhat ‘nose down’ disposition of the trailer, with the medium of the reach for the trailer being 35mm higher than the medium of the tallness scope of the towball on the towing vehicle. Besides from the allowable ranges and loaded definitions it can be seen that the distinction can be compelling e.g. – Towball at 350mm (completely loaded vehicle) and trailer coupling at 520mm (not untypical of an unladen trailer)… … a distinction of 170mm! – Towball at 510mm (unladen long suspension travel vehicle) and 385mm trailer coupling tallness (for completely loaded trailer)… a distinction of 125mm! The circumstance is further confused by the way that the towbar/towball is controlled by an EC order, whilst it is at present not compulsory for the trailer to be EC endorsed – and not very are.


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